Useful Purse Closet Organizer

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If you are sure that you do not have more space inside the cupboards, acquire a purse closet organizer and hang it in one of the doors to order clothes and accessories. Some circular containers or cardboard tubes can be used to store small-sized items such as handkerchiefs, scarves and belts. A wooden box of fruit or an old closet is useful to give more order to the underwear and short garments. You can put some separators to classify the garments or place them by their respective color.

The hangers are useful for hanging scarves, handkerchiefs and other long accessories that often give a messy look to the drawers. With this trick you will always have them at hand and you will not have to spend time looking for color and style. A simple soda lid ring to double the purse closet organizer space? So is! This element that we have so much importance can help you gain a lot of space if you use it.

The rings that usually come with the curtains for the home are also a good option to order and optimize the spaces. Put the garments on the ring and hang them on the cabinet bar. Another idea to recycle and order purse closet organizer is to take the old boxes of wine and take advantage of their separators to put on the footwear.

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