Update Wood Sliding Closet Doors

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Wood sliding closet doors is a type of thin plywood. This style door was very minimal and flush, and often the doors were stained. The surface of the door, some doors were rough to touch and the pores in the plywood felt open. This type of door is easy to update by adding appearance panels to the door and painting it in an updated color

Ideas for update wood sliding closet doors, remove the door from the closet. Put the door on the saw bushes in a well ventilated work area. Sand the door on all sides using a shaker. Wipe off with a tack cloth. Choose a modern panel design for the door. Then cut two pieces 1/4 inch with 3-inch trim board’s width of the door. Place the trim on the top and bottom of the door. Measure between pieces and cut two pieces to trim the sides of the door. Measure between side pieces and cut two pieces. Dry fits your pieces. The door would seem to have three panels of the same size. Sand the edges of your pieces with a sanding pad.

Then for update wood sliding closet doors, apply carpenter’s glue on the back of each piece of wood. Install your top and bottom boards first. Install your page board’s seconds and your boards inside last. Squeeze with wooden clips to hold the trim in place for 24 hours. Caulk along the seams and the holes after both sides of the door have been clad and then paint in an updated color.

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