Tips Organize Your Closet To Be Neat

Posted on Closet Organization

Organize your closet – the Wrong set the contents of the cabinet will make it look messy. You also become difficult to find the items that are in it. Here are some tips on managing cabinets that you can apply! Step 1, Prepare 2 boxes, use a cardboard box for clothing that you do not want to wear again and donate it. For second cardboard, use it to remove clothes that are not feasible worn.

Step 2 Begin by performing “draining” on your cabinet by selecting the contents. Separate clothes that you do not want to wear then donate it, it could be the best step to organize your closet !. Step 3, Separate the garment by function. For example, keep your T-Shirt casually in one pile. Separate your work clothes and party clothes, and so on.

Step 4, To make it easier to find the clothes you want to wear. You can adjust your clothes according to the color. In this way, you can more easily mix and match clothing through the color. Step 5, If your closet is still not enough. Because generally the size of the bed is smaller, keep your clothes that are not too big in it. For example lingerie and underwear. here are some tips to organize your closet, good luck.

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