The Perfect Cloth Closet Organizer

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Do you know how to cloth closet organizer? Divide and you will win. To make the right decisions, storage solutions adapted to your needs and the type of garments you are going to keep are fundamental. It is not an easy task but neither is it an impossible mission. To know how to organize a closet you have to think about the type of clothes you are going to keep in it. How to organize a closet: fold or hang clothes

The answer is that it depends on the type of garment. Those of more delicate fabrics, which wrinkle easily, should be hung, while the most resistant can be folded and stacked. Always with order! The cloth closet organizer, better hung; the jeans, perfectly folded. Review the clothes you have and according to it organize, reserving more space for the area of ​​the bar or for shelves and drawers.

The clothes that are hung on hangers cannot be imprisoned. There must be slack between each garment to be able to remove the hanger easily. And it is important that you use the appropriate hangers for each type of cloth closet organizer: hangers with tweezers for skirts, hangers for trousers (there are to hang one and more on the same hanger) and hangers for jackets and jackets (with reinforcement in the area of shoulders so that the garments do not deform).

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