Shutter Closet Doors: Playing With Colors

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Originally, the blind door was used outside; nowadays it takes its place in our homes – practical and decorative at the same time. It is beautiful and allows ventilation and playing with the intensity of important light. This type of door is suitable for any room. Discover our selection of the many examples of shutter closet doors in a variety of indoor environments. The shutter door does not let sunlight in freely, but allows air to circulate.

Do you know the difference between shutters and blinds? In fact, the blind are slats while the shutter closet doors are huge. On the other hand, the hidden blind better inside and does not allow the eyes to see through. Jealousy is also a slat door but sliding. These blades are adjustable and retractable. In this way, you can adjust the intensity of the light in the room. The preferred materials for the blinds are wood and aluminum.

Shutter closet doors are easy and practical, but sometimes it just is not enough. A small personal touch on the lockers could be nice. More than one door, there are then several different utilities. For room windows or bathroom doors like the locker room, the blind is perfect. It can also be used as decoration. In the flea markets there are old blinds. You can paint or leave residues for a vintage touch.

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