Replacing Sliding Closet Doors Bedroom Remodels

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Replacing Sliding Closet Doors – The functional elements of a sliding wardrobe door can be adjusted, but damage to the door is often irreversible. The thin external wooden hollow doors can be compromised by removing the hardware from a mirror or frame. Replacing a damaged door can give your wardrobe a fresh look. Remove the closet doors. Pull one side of the door a little upwards and push the top towards the inside of the cabinet to put the wheel off the runner’s track.

Move the wheel on the opposite side of the door in the same way. Grab both sides of the door and push up until the center divider in the floor is released. Examine the floor divider and upper corridor. The central divider of the plant must have three slats that parallel the replacing sliding closet doors, creating two slots that separate the doors and prevent them from swinging. Replace the floor divider if it is damaged.

Make pencil marks all around the old divider, then remove the screws that hold it to the floor. Place the new separator on the floor inside the pencil marks. Drill pilot holes in the floor if the screw holes in the new divider do not line up with the existing holes in the floor. Secure the divider with the screws. replacing sliding closet doors the upper runner if necessary. Remove the screws that attach to the top of the frame. And then peel away the frame if it does not fall.

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