Replacing Sliding Closet Door Lock

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Sliding closet door lock – If you have a kitchen cabinet with a lock that does not open or lock properly and is frozen in place, you can replace the lock without having to call a locksmith or change the cabinet door. This is the project does not require extensive lock-picking or carpentry experience to complete. With some common tools and a replacement locker lock, you can get a new lock on a kick.


Wear protective goggles and insert a metal piece into a drill. Pull down the chuck. Drill directly through the keyhole in the sliding closet door lock, pushing a little through the cylinder release the old lock. This allows the cabinet to open about the previous lock. Grasp the C-shaped stop ring around the back of the lock using the pin-pin to pull the lock. If the forceps are too large, use tweezers. The cabinet the lock should now be free to pull out the cabinet door.

Insert the key into new replacement sliding closet door lock and turn to the unlocked position. Put the new lock in the cabinet door. Fit the C-shaped stop ring over the back of the new cabinet lock. It clicks into place so it is in the same position as on the old lock. Close the kitchen door and test the lock by locking and unlocking with the key.

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