Organizing Closet Space for Small Room

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Organizing Closet Space – The small closets apparently have almost nothing. However, by reducing the clutter and organizing the remaining elements, you can maximize the space. Pull everything out of your closet and give it a good clean. Cabinets tend to be the most neglected area in the house when it comes to cleanliness.

Take three bags or boxes: one for what you give away, one for those who wash or repair, and one for things to store. Also keep a small trash can nearby. Go through all your clothes and accessories. Be honest with yourself and ask if you will use that element again. If not, organizing closet space by put in the gift box.

Observe every bit of space you have in your closet and think about how it can be used. The floor can hold a shoe rack or a large basket for the purses. Keep a box in the corner of what you give away. Group shoes together, no matter what storage method you use. Group clothes together for the first time for what they are. Hang items, such as pants and dresses, on the top bar; Shirts, shorts and other short items can hang from the bottom bar. Remove the out-of-season clothes that you still use and put them in a storage box under the bed. If your bed is too short, buy bed lifts that go under each leg to organizing closet space.

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