Mirrored Closet Doors: Read More!

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Mirrored closet doors – One of the star guests in the design of any bedroom is the wardrobe. This piece of furniture is one of our best allies when it comes to guaranteeing order within the room. Although, beyond its practicality, it is able to enrich the decoration thanks to attractive and functional designs. The same approach is transferred to other rooms of the home. And, this type of storage solutions.

Offer the perfect scenario to keep our objects and everyday items accessible. Without their presence distorting the image of mirrored closet doors. If you want to open your wardrobe. But without leaving everything in view you can use curtains. Cover with them the parts of the new dressing that you do not want to leave in sight. In addition to hiding part of the garments the textiles will serve to decorate.

Choose shades in neutral tones for Scandinavian style rooms or strong tones for rooms inspired by industrial decoration. Decorate the mirrored closet doors of your built-in wardrobe following the decorative style of the room in which it is located. In the design of the photograph, the wallpaper has been added in the upper part of the wardrobe creating continuity in the room.

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