Installing Bedroom Closet Doors

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Bedroom closet doors are a significant improvement over the traditional sliding doors so common on wardrobes. While the older style of the door only you can access half the wardrobe at a time, and can be very difficult to open and close double doors swing open easily to reveal the entire wardrobe space. Installing double bi-fold doors is generally very easy and requires a little more than screwing in the track and popping the door in place.


Lift the existing bedroom closet doors for free and remove them. Unscrew slots for sliding doors, or cover with wooden trim if it is recessed. Skip this step if you install double doors in a new wardrobe, rather than replacing an old door. Measure the doorway and buy a pair of double baffle doors to fit. If you cannot find an exact fit, buy a set something too big and straighten it to size with a power planer.

Screw the surface-mounted grooves to the top of the frame. Use a plot to locate the correct position of the lower pivot points, directly below the track. Screw the swivel brackets into place, one in one corner of the floor. Set one of the bedroom closet doors to the appropriate lower turning point. Snap the outer upper corner of the upper pivot pin, and the inner corner of the groove. Repeat for the second door.

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