Ideas to Use Curtains for Closet Doors

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Curtains for closet doors – Curtains are a simple, elegant alternative option to use for closet doors. Curtains work well in children’s rooms, since they eliminate the possibility of pinching your fingers. You can select curtains in colors that match the paint on the wall to create the appearance of a seamless transition from the wardrobe wall opening back to the wall. In addition, you can use curtains to achieve a focal point or bring necessary color, style or texture in the decoration of a room.

Draw a sketch of the wall and the opening of the closet door on a piece of paper. Try different possibilities of the closet door using the thick stroke. Then measure the length and width of the cabinet opening for curtains for closet doors. Write down the measurements. This will be the minimum that is needed to cover the opening of the closet door completely.

Measure the length and width of the desired coverage. This will depend on whether the rod is hung inside the frame of the door for the closet or above the door jamb, like a window. Select the curtains for closet doors or appropriate materials to create curtains, bars, tie-down points or retention that you want to use for opening the closet door. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the bars, brackets, clamps, retention or sconces you have selected. Slide the curtain over the bars and set the curtain in the final placement as an alternative closet door.

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