Ideas for Install Modern Bifold Closet Doors

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Modern bifold closet doors – Folding doors open wide, giving you access to more of your wardrobe than you have with sliding doors, through which you can access only half of your wardrobe at a time. If you replace the sliding doors with folding doors and have laminate floors, the installation is the same as on any wooden floor surface. With a double-fold door installation kit, all the hardware and screws you need are included.

Ideas for install modern bifold closet doors, paint the folding doors before installing them. Let the paint dry. Then mark the doors where you will install the hinges. The hinges will connect the two panels to the left side and the two panels to the right. Put your doors out so the left and right doors of the doors are next to each other to mark the location of the hinges. Mark 11 inches from the bottom and 7 inches from the top left of the two doors where they meet and both doors to the right where they meet.

Then for install modern bifold closet doors, measure and cut the door rail to fit the top of the cabinet door opening. Insert the screws through the track, into the appropriate holes, and into the top of the door frame to secure the proper path for your wardrobe.

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