How to Install Wire Shelf Closet Organizer

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Wire Shelf Closet Organizer – With a little planning, you can transform even the most disorganized of cabinets into a space that clearly and efficiently stores your pants, shirts and shoes. All you need is a wire closet organizer and following these steps to install them.

Put the old one before bringing the new one. First, empty the closet you want to organize, including all the old shelves, rods and doors. This would be an opportune time to purge the content and, by replenishing it much easier later. Repair all the holes that were left behind. With compound spackling and a spatula, fill the gaps of the old shelves and bars. After allowing these stains to dry completely, sand roughs and applies a coat of paint to the entire space in the cabinet. Measure and mark the wall. First, measure 2 “down from the roof and mark the wall, making a level line where you will mount the hanging tracks. The holding of the wire shelf closet organizer that hangs against the line, mark the wall of the hole.

Hang the tracks. Using the drilling marks as your guide, you will begin to install the hanging tracks. As a general rule, ride the tracks every 24 “or less, however, if they are going to be supporting a large amount of weight, space to bring them closer. Install the shelves. Going from the bottom up, choose the space between the floor and the lower shelf and then continue with the installation of the shelves at appropriate intervals for what you will store in the closet. Finish the job with a hanging bar. Once you get your entire wire shelf closet organizer in place where you want, you can adjust them on the suspension brackets and install the rod.

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