Freestanding Closet Organizer in the Kitchen

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Freestanding closet organizer provides extra storage space when the kitchen does not have enough cabinets to store small appliances, plates, pans, or food. This type of cabinet can be installed directly on the floor or it can also be mounted on the wall. Anchoring this cabinet to the plaster must be attached to wall girders, which lie behind the plaster. This will keep your cabinet from falling over on an uneven floor, or from falling out of the wall.


Place the freestanding closet organizer against the wall where you want it to be positioned. Place your level on top of the cabinet. Ask a helper to keep the cabinet level while tracking a horizontal line with the pen on the left side of the cabinet. Make a pen mark on the wall over the top and bottom of the cabinet. Use your control detector to locate wall controls. Wall rails are usually placed every 16 inches inside of the wall. A well-warded cabinet that is at least larger than 16 inches can include two wall rails, and will be safer than anchoring the cabinet to a single tap.

Place the control detector with the base flat against the wall. From the left side of your disposition, turn the control detector and slide it over the wall until the indicator light blinks and stays steady. This is the location of the first pin. Mark it on the wall with your pen. Repeat this step until you find the second tab. Measure from the left horizontal line that represents the left side of the freestanding closet organizer of the first tab. Mark the same measurement on each wooden shelf stack inside the cabinet.

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