Excellent Ikea Closet Doors

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One of the biggest drawbacks of built-in ikea closet doors is the lack of flexibility. When it is embedded, its location is fixed and when we propose to change the decoration of the room the location of the closet will completely condition the new distribution. What you can do in these cases is to vary the design of the wardrobe a little, open it or decorate it completely to make it look like another.

We have often told you about the virtues and advantages of ikea closet doors. If your house has high ceilings, take an example of the design of the photograph. The designers have decided to place a built-in wardrobe that does not reach the ceiling to use the upper space as a sleeping area. It is an excellent way to take advantage of the square meters to the maximum and create an extra stay.

If you have a large closet you can remove the doors and leave it open. Including some drawers and shelves you will create a dressing room in the blink of an eye. In addition, when removing ikea closet doors will be less heavy. Another option is to place a dressing room like the one in the picture where the wardrobe was located. The design of the photograph includes multiple devices for the reorganization of clothing, shoes and all kinds of accessories.

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