Design of Nursery Closet Organization

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Nursery closet organization – Everyone dreams of a well-organize wardrobe. Unfortunately, many of the wardrobes we find in the homes are not made to hold all your items. You’re lucky if you get a wardrobe that has more than just a stick and a top shelf. It does not take much to design a wardrobe that is well organize and utilizes all the space in it. Many local builders have everything you need to design the perfect bedroom wardrobe for your needs.


What are your needs?

The first step in designing the nursery closet organization is to try to figure out what your needs are. Take an inventory of all items that you will want to put in your wardrobe. Separate items in different categories such as shoes, hanging shirts, jackets, folded shirts, pants, dresses and so on.

Measure your existing Closet

Measure each wall of your existing nursery closet organization with your tape measure. It would be good to have some help with this so that you can get a correct measurement. Measure the height of each wall. Draw simple elevations of each wall with all dimensions you have taken on your paper to a certain extent using your architectural scale or your ruler. Make sure each wall height is drawn on the same scale.

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