Idea of ​​Closet Cube Organizer Like Tetris

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Closet cube organizer – Who does not know the game called “Tetris”? Digital games pile up the blocks are known for its simplicity, but still exciting. Therefore, without feeling, playing “Tetris” can take hours. Now, the concept of the game “Tetris” brought by the Swedish design studio, Front, as the idea of ​​making a closet. The design studio even explicitly uses a similar name for their cupboard.

The closet cube organizer from Sweden, Horreds. Although it looks simple, the work of the Front is actually quite special. Front presents a furniture that can be changed position and shape in accordance with the wishes of the owner. Front only provides two modules, one cube-shaped, and other modules in the form of a beam.

Both modules are prepared by the Front has various variations. Some have a cover, some do not. The depth of each module is also different. Modules or parts of the closet cube organizer can be arranged in accordance with the wishes of the owner. They can glue these modules on the wall, or accumulate them in various ways. In fact, with a little creativity, this bookshelf can be an attractive partition of the room. Just leave a little space for a peek, you already have a multipurpose partition.

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