Build Your Own Closet Organizer Ideas

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Build your own closet organizer have shelves, drawers and rack that are screwed into the wardrobe walls. The essentials of these organizations create a more functional wardrobe because there is so much more storage space. Extra drawer space or rack for your shoes also makes your wardrobe more accessible.

Boxed Shelves

If you have space to create a walk-in closet, install framed shelves on each wall of your build your own closet organizer, but leave room for hanging clothes above. The shelves are often placed on the lower half of the wardrobe, but the design itself is up to you. You can buy boxed style bookshelves and move them into the wardrobe, or buy flat wood tiles and make the shelves a permanent part of the wardrobe. Paint wood tiles white or black depending on your personal preferences. Use these shelves to store clothes, shoes, bags and other items.

Built-in Cherry Wood Closet Organizer

Build your own closet organizer is a wonderful addition to all households, creating a sophisticated private space in your personal closet. The furniture is built into the wall, and this style has drawers and spaces for hanging clothes like evening dresses. This type of organizer is ideal for a large walk-in closet that attaches to a bathroom with cherry wood cabinets; however, you can take this same concept and use other woods like numbers or oak.

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