Bifold Closet Door Knobs Installing Kits

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Bifold Closet Door Knobs – Bi-fold doors are useful for covering large closets. Facilitate access to both sides of the closet and are convenient because they are folded out from the wall and close to or next to another series of bi-fold doors or a jamb. Installing a bi-fold door is fairly easy if you have the right tools and know how. Keep in mind some tips to transform your wardrobe with folding doors.

Use paint, spare knobs, and other tricks to make bifold closet door knobs more than a cupboard that covers. Install the track at the top of the cabinet frame. Measure the width of the frame and put a mark in the center. The track will be only half the size of the closet frame. Do this for the left and the right. Have your assistant hold the track to the top of the closet frame. Align the holes in the track with the line. Drill holes in the top of the closet frame on the line.

Screw the track on top of the frame. For the two double panels, you must do this for the left and the right. The bifold closet door knobs kit will come with one track per kit. Drill the holes for the pivots. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for correct placement and size of drill bit. Hammer the top pivot, which is the pivot that does not have a wheel, on the top of the pivot door.

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