Barn Closet Doors System Design

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Barn Closet Doors – If you choice for the barn doors it will be, and a type, since it is a very characteristic style and design with a lot of owner. They are sliding doors like the ones that were installing in the American farmhouse and that you can now put in your house to close interior or closets, divide room, hide things that you do not want to leave in functional. If we rely on the original barn door, the traditional American.

We opted for a rustic barn closet doors, even untreated, with wooden crosspieces placed vertically and another horizontal cross that crosses in the form of a cross or diagonal. The rail is usually left in the air and the door slides on it. When install barn doors you can bet on other materials other than plank and steel combined with glass windows with a less style and more modern or minimalist style.

However, the wooden ones seem to me, personally, the most beautiful and special ones, those that most resemble the traditional ones. You can put single-leaf barn closet doors on the rail or place two doors that are in the center when closing. This can be useful if the space to be cover is very large. You will see natural wood, painted wood of some color that combines with the general decoration of the house, doors with other materials.

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