Accordion Closet Doors Installation

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Carefully push the hinge pins. You will most likely have an assistant to keep the door in place while pulling the staples out to avoid clamp or door shift. Set the door to the side. Measure the inner frame of the measurement. Then the page is measured again from the inside of the top to the floor. When you buy accordion closet doors, you must decide which direction you need it to open from, left, right or both. Look at the packaging for the specifications. Fit the top damper to the upper inside of the door frame.

See the installation instructions for instructions regarding this aspect of the installation. Even though the floor finder is provided, you may not need it. Try installing the door without this step. Accordion closet doors are bright and will work fine with bottom hanging free. By not using the floor management system, you do not have to handle the removal of carpet. Once the door has been hung you must secure a side to the door frame. This requires turning a small strip of the chord material that has been delivered to the frame.

Holes should already be prepared and all you have to do is to mount the screws from the package. These doors have a kind of simple locking system that keeps it closed when fully expanded. The accordion closet doors itself will be ready, but the final step is to secure the other half of the magnet or lock in the system to the door frame. Measure from the floor up to the door closure system. Then measure the same length from floor to door frame, where the other half of the locking system is placed. Select and make sure to use the supplied hardware.

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