Installing Sliding Glass Closet Doors

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Sliding glass closet doors can sustain damage and scratches when used on a daily basis, especially in the kitchen or home office. They can be expensive if you buy them pre-cut and painted. If you want to replace them without spending too much money, you can build your own cabinet doors. You can specially design homemade doors and paint them to suit your existing decor, such as vines, flowers or stripes.


Measure to determine the size of your cabinet and where you want to install sliding glass closet doors. You will need the total width of the cabinet, along with its height. Play both measurements. Draw a rectangle on the plywood board using a pen and measurements from the previous step. The rectangle becomes the cabinet door. Cut out the cabinet door rectangle with the table saw. After cutting, apply sandpaper to remove chips and cracks.

Hold the sliding glass closet doors to the cabinet where you want to install the door. Make two markings on the cabinet door where you will install hinges. Do not install hinges where they interfere with shelves in the cabinet. Lay the cabinet door down to put the hinges where the markings are made, using the half-inch screws and screwdriver. Add additional decorations using acrylic paints. For example, if the theme of your home office is stripes and the cabinet is in the office, use acrylic paints to add a border design to the cabinet door. Allow the dye to dry before proceeding.

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