Attractive Organizing Dirty Clothes With Ikea Laundry Basket

IKEA laundry basket – When we furnish the bathroom we usually take into account different options: furniture under the sink, shelves, shelves, hangers, etc. But we usually do not think where we are going to place all the cosmetic bottles or creams, where we store towels or toilet paper To keep it handy or where we store dirty clothes after the shower. To have everything in order in our bathroom, nothing better than having some practical wicker baskets.

Ikea Laundry Basket Black

Practical and colorful, these pink baskets are great for giving a sweet touch to your bathroom. It is often difficult to find a bathroom cabinet that fits well to the pipes, so you can always choose to place a pair of drawers on each side, and take advantage of the space under the counter to place baskets to store towels or other equipment. Nothing better to have the boats in place. Wicker baskets are lightweight and easy to find in any size, so you can have several in which to store all the creams and cosmetics.

Leaving the dirty clothes and rolls of toilet paper in sight is not very appealing. There are times when we do not have much room to put them inside the drawers , so a good option is to use a wicker ikea laundry basket to store them. We will always have them handy and well placed. In addition to being very easy to find, its price is usually not very high. So it will not cost you almost anything to have everything placed on your site. You can even reuse that basket that your grandmother had in the village and put the towels in it .

The dryer, the plates, the shaver and an endless number of cacharritos that we never know where to save. Because they do not fit in a drawer. It incorporates several baskets of this type. And you will be able to store in them all those elements that do not fit anywhere else. Very useful for placing wipes in a guest bathroom . Surely you have had a visit at home and did not know where to leave the towels. This way you can always have the wipes on hand to dry your hands. You can also do without the drawers and cabinets and bet to use several baskets of wicker. Play with the ikea laundry basket shapes and colors to make your bathroom a more attractive stay.

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