Ideas for Remove Louvered Closet Doors

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Louvered closet doors – Making repairs to your closet or replacing doors sometimes requires removing the closet door. With louvered closet doors are most often type folding doors. They give you full access to items in the closet without removing any room visually or physically. The double fold door has two panels connected to the center of hinges; they fold against each other. You will not have to take any kind of hardware out of the door panels to remove the doors from the shutter cabinet.

Open the louvered closet doors. If you have a closet that uses folding doors, both open completely. The panels of folding slats in each door must come together. Loosen the screw that holds the upper pivot bracket inside the upper track with a flat-blade screwdriver. The upper door latch engages the upper pivot bracket. Grab the two panels of the double folding door on each side. Lift to compress the upper pin in the support, and swing the bottom of the door away from the lower support.

Then to remove louvered closet doors, slide the upper pivot bracket towards the center of the upper track so that it is not covering the screws that fix the upper track. Hold the center of the upper track with one hand while removing the central locking screw with the other. Pull the top track down and away from the cabinet. Remove the screws that secure the lower door supports to the floor or to the side jamb cabinet with the Phillips screwdriver.

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