How to Hidden Closet Door

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Hidden closet door is a space saver, as it can be folded to two and takes less space when opened. However, these doors are often misaligned after use. Pull the doors slowly swing the hinges out of the course and make the doors slope aside. A quick solution is all you need to get the two-fold doors back on the right track. It only takes a few minutes to complete this task.


Locate the upper and lower hinge brackets for each door. They are located in the corner of the hidden closet door frame. Loosen the fastening screw in the top swing hinge bracket just enough to allow the bracket to slide forward or backward in the track. Slide the pivot bracket forward or backwards to angle the door to one side or the other (depending on the door you are working with). Step back to check the adjustment of the door, and then tighten the screw when the door is perfect line. Make multiple adjustments if needed.

Loosen the screw in the crankcase that holds the edge of the hidden closet door near the bottom of the door frame. Adjust the crankcase to raise or lower the door. Pull the bracket with the screwdriver when the door is in line. Set the door direction to clear the door frame with at least 1/4 inch of space to allow wear.

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