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Closet door hinges includes a wide variety of simple inserts hinges for the elegant lifting system made for overlapping doors. The type of hinge you need depends on the type of cabinet you have and the type of doors to be installed in the cabinets. Some cabinets have frames in front of them, while others are frameless. There are many hinges for both types of cabinets.

One of the benefits this closet door hinges puts on the table is its integrated catch, which eliminates the need for catches of doors or shock plates. They are designed for cabinets without frames in the front and are hollowed out in the back of the door. Aximat hinges include single pivot models, folding doors, glass doors, stainless steel and phenol cabinet doors.

This closet door hinges is one of the most popular options due to its affordability. It has a three way camera, which means that you can park the door in three different positions: all the way open, halfway open and closed. The Series a hinge is easy to install both on the door and in the cabinet. When the hinge is fully open, it is 110 degrees away from the front of the cabinet. The negative side of the A-Series is that the adjustment screws have to be tightened periodically.

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