About us

Luke Prater health comprises following services and programs to Columbia students such as counseling and psychological service, disability service, medical service and sexual violence response. We offer accessible and integrated programs and services which support well being campus community. Luke Prater health serves Columbia community by offering wide range of the programs and services to students. We are having numerous numbers of resources which is really helpful to our clients. As a member of the Columbia community, it remembers that your physical and mental health is crucial one.
Our service is suitable to all kinds of people such as students, faculty or staff, parents and families, health professionals, Barnard students and CUMC students.
Once you pay Columbia and health related services fee then student can easily access the service and programs offered via our 5 departments. Basically physical activity is the necessary one to your well being and health and it is really useful to achieve your academic and personal goals. We are the authorized place to get wide range of services such as disability service, medical service, sexual violence response, health promotion, counseling and psychological services. We are fully accredited by Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health care. Physical activity is mostly involved in certain benefits such as reducing stress, improve quality of sleep, maximizing your productivity and improving self esteem.
We are offering huge numbers of medical service such as such a travel medicine, urgent medical care and immunizations. Students are mostly encouraged to create appointments in online with help of their health care provider. Medical services are organized into four practice groups to offer accessible, high quality and well coordinated care. .

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