Best Luxury Spa Abama Hotel Tenerife, Wellness and Beauty Package: Holistic Slim & Detox Wellness and Beauty Packages a Healthy Deal

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October 22, 2017
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It is well known that wellbeing is about the mind and the body being in harmony. With that in mind, the top luxury spa at the Abama 5 star hotel resort in Tenerife Spain offer Total Wellness Spa Packages; holistic breaks that are not only healthy but also provide plenty of pleasurable pampering.

Health and Beauty Matters at Abama Best Luxury Spa Tenerife Spain

Being well starts with an EIS test given by Holistic Life Coach Daniela Herzberg, who oversees the clients’ program. This extraordinary machine evaluates ABAMA Spa guests’ current health state, revealing any weaknesses. From the diagnostic results she plans a Total Wellness detox program for mind, body and the mystical soul. This includes health and beauty treatments during the stay, an exercise schedule, dietary recommendations and advice for emotional well-being individually tailored to the needs and goals of each client.

With two electrodes on each side of the head, and both hands and feet placed on metal plates, the organic reveal begins. The monitor displays a body image with each organ showing different colours indicating how well they are functioning. Blue indicates a weakness, the more intense the hue, the weaker the area and yellow indicates “over-activity” the more intense the colour, the stronger the activity.

Abama Spa Tenerife Spain Tailor-made Diet, Detox & Exercise Plan

Most of the organs show normal, but the yellow in the pancreas is not good. This indicates an abnormal acidity – the cause? A sausage at breakfast is the culprit. Daniela is firm but kind. Sausage or meat for this guest is not good at all in the morning. She suggests starting the day with porridge, wholemeal bread or muesli and fruit.

Overweight – yes, but only a little. Daniella makes light of the extra poundage. Reducing sugar and coffee intake to a minimum and not going for a second glass of alcohol is a start; better still just cut it out. Also recommended is having more alkaline food such as olive oil, almonds, pulses, sprouts and green vegetables.

Special Exercises & Detox treatment Abama Spa Resort

Adrenalin shows low and Coach Daniela gently suggests more exercise. Cursory bi-annual visits to the gym are not sufficient. She recommends a Qi Gong exercise which is a physical discipline similar to Thai Chi. Bend at the knees and gently push up the pelvis, holding this postion for 20 minutes daily. This can be done in five-minute sessions: waiting for a bus, in line at the supermarket, during a lunch break in the park and after washing teeth and before retiring to bed.

She says it’s terrific for the butt, waist and thighs and no sweat at all in small frequent doses. Water retention is discovered, and Daniela arranges a lymphatic drainage massage. It doesn’t work immediately, but after a couple of days the excess toxic fluids disperse themselves.

Holistic Health & Beauty Treatments ABAMA Luxury Spa

To follow: pampering massages, manicures and pedicures, Aloe Vera Nourishing Wraps (terrific for skin) and a special treat; the traditional “Gommage” Body Scrub with Black Soap, Eucalyptus and Argan Oil. This leaves skin looking refreshed and feeling soft like a baby. Afterwards comes the refreshing Thermal Circuit: Showers, steam and sauna and the giant size Jacuzzi hub an invigorating meeting place for social interaction.

After a hard day at the Spa what a pleasure it is to flop on to the super-size cool sheeted, triple pillowed luxury of the hotel bed.

The ABAMA Total Wellness Packages & Rate Details:

  • 7 night Deluxe Room accommodation including breakfast
  • Abama Total Wellness (2 x EIS diagnostic) and inner Feng Shui consultation
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Canarian Aloe Vera Nourishing Wraps
  • Gommage with Vichy and Rasul
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Daily Body Sculpt Platform
  • Daily Spa Experience
  • Daily group activities
  • Daily lunch and the Spa Café
  • Complimentary in-room healthy mini-bar and amenities
  • Daily Access to Fitness Classes, Thermal Water Circuit and Gym

The 7 day Total Wellness package at the ABAMA Spa is 1455€ per person per stay double occupancy and 2120€ per person per stay single occupancy.

3 Day ABAMA Wellness Break Package:

3 night Deluxe Room accommodation at the Ritz Carlton ABAMA Golf & Spa Resort including breakfast with all the above treatments, activities, facilities, lunches and in-room healthy mini-bar amenities.

The 3 day Total Wellness package at the ABAMA Spa Tenerife is 705€ per person per stay double occupancy and 985€ per person per stay single occupancy. All packages can be adjusted to the personal needs of the client.

For luxury travellers who want a holistic break with all the comforts of a 5 star hotel The ABAMA Total Wellness Packages for well-being are well worth it. Flights can be booked online through the excellent and efficient agency Fleetway Travel. Contact number 0800 408 8500 (Freefone).

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